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Deans Committee


Head Office

Office of Academic Affairs

    -Department of Academic Affairs

    -Department of the University Register

Office of Student Affairs

    -Department of Student Affairs

Office of Planning

    -Department of Planning and Evaluation

    -Department of Public Relations

Bureau of General Administration

    -Department of General Affairs

    -Department of Accounting

    -Department of Facilities Management

CBNU Industry-Academic Cooperation Foundation

    -Department of Academic Research Promotion

    -Department of Industry-Academic Administration  

Office of Admission Management

    -Department of Admission Policy Making

    -Department of Student Screening


Graduate Schools


General Graduate School
Graduate School of Education
Graduate School of Public Administration
Graduate School of Industry
Graduate School of Business Administration
Graduate School of Legal Affairs
Law School
Medical School



College of Humanities
College of Social Sciences
College of Natural Sciences
College of Commerce and Business Administration
College of Engineering
College of Electrical & Computer Engineering
College of Agriculture, Life & Environmental Sciences
College of Law
College of Education
College of Human Ecology
College of Veterinary Medicine
College of Pharmacy
College of Medicine



Chungbuk National University Development Fund Foundation

The CBNU Industrial Cooperation Foundation

Department of Academic Researches Administration

Department of Industry Academics Administration

CBNU Hospital


Support Institution

  • Education Support Institute
    • -University Library

  • Service Support Institute
    • -Center for Information Systems
    • -University Dormitory
    • -Human Resource Development Center
    • -Health Center
    • -University Archives
    • -Center for Teaching & Learning
    • -Gender Equality Counselling Center
    • -Center for Research Instruments and Experimental Facilities
    • -International Education Center(IEC)
    • -Lifelong Education Center
    • -Chungbuk National University Press
    • -Chungbuk National University Times
    • -Industrial Technology Research Park(ITRP)
    • -Laboratory Animal Research Center
    • -Disability Support Center

  • Common Support Institute
    • - University Museum
    • - Student Study Hall(Goshiwon)
    • - Department of Teaching Profession
    • -University Observatory
    • -Korean Language and Life Research Institute

  • Other Support Institute
    • -Innovation Center of Engineering Education
    • -Factory in College of Engineering
    • -University Farm in the College of Agriculture, Life and Environmental Sciences
    • -Animal Farm in the College of Agriculture, Life and Environmental Sciences
    • -Experimental Forest in the College of Agriculture, Life and Environment Sciences
    • -Animal Medical Center
    • -Medical Plant Garden in College of Pharmacy
    • -Experimental Pharmacy in College of Pharmacy
    • -Plant Hospital in the College of Agriculture, Life and Environment Sciences
    • -Agricultural Science Technique Center in the College of Agriculture, Life and Environment Sciences
    • -Education Institute for Secondary School Teachers in College of Education
    • -Training Center for Education Care Specialists in College of Human Ecology
    • -Affiliated Day-care in the College of Human Ecology
    • -Science Technique Development Center in the College of Natural Science
    • -First Reserve Regiment
    • -R.O.T.C. and Military Training


Research Institute

  • Research Center for Humanities
    • -Institute for Russian and Altaic Regional Studies
    • -Institute of Wooam
    • -Institute for Humanities
    • -Institute for Jungwon Culture

  • Research Center for Social Science
    • -National Crisis & Emergency Management Research Institute
    • -Education Development Institute
    • -Law Research Institute
    • -Social Science Research Institute
    • -Research Institute of Human Ecology

  • Research Institutes for National Sciences
    • -Science Education Laboratory
    • -Basic Sciences Research Institute
    • -Biotechnology Research Institute
    • -Research Institute for Nanoscience and Technology
    • -Research Institute of Mathematical Finance
    • -Institute for Astro Physics

  • Research Center for Health and Medical Treatment Science
    • -Research Institute of Veterinary Medicine
    • -Research Center for Bio resource and Health
    • -Research Institute of the Development of Pharmaceutical Resources
    • -Medical Research Institute
    • -Research Institute of Physical Education & Lifetime Sports
    • -Medical Information Center
    • -Institute for Tumor Research

  • Research Institutes for Information Technology & Consulting
    • -Business(IT) Research & Consulting Center
    • -Research Institute for Industry and Management
    • -Research Institute for Computer and Information Communication

  • Research Institutes for Construction & Industrial Science Technology
    • -Institute for Construction Technology
    • -Green Energy Research Institute
    • -Research Institute for Industrial Science and Technology

  • Research Institutes for Agricultural & Biotechnology Science
    • -Agricultural Science & Technology Research Institute
    • -Research Institute of Animal Life & Science
    • -Tobacco Research Institute
    • -Research Center for the Development of Advanced Horticultural Technology
Head Office
Graduate School
Support Institution
Research Institute
Education Support Institute
Service Support Institute
Common Support Institute
Other Support Institute
3 offices, 1bureau, 8 departments

7 centers,

32 institutes