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The New Dormitory ‘Yang Jin Jae’ Detail view
The New Dormitory ‘Yang Jin Jae’
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The New Dormitory ‘Yang Jin Jae’


  As the new dormitory in ‘Yang Jin Jae’ opened, students’ expectations are high. Many students want to enter ‘Yang Jin Jae’ because it is a new dormitory and has convenient facilities like a fitness center, a table tennis room and a billiard hall. As many students applied there, a rumor about ‘Yang Jin Jae’ is being spread among students.  
 The College of Engineering and the College of Medical are near ‘Yang Jin Jae’. Whether true or not , it is spread that ‘Yang Jin Jae’ selects more from those colleges than the other colleges. However, this is not true. All dormitories, as well as ‘Yang Jin Jae’, select students by the enrollment rate of each college. This pertains to both freshman and enrolled students.
  Students feel unfamiliar with the ‘Individual Levying of Public Utility Charge-System’, a newly enforced system in our university. It  returns money or charges more for individual energy use. Jin Chung-dal, the dormitory supervisor, explained about the reason that they implemented the system. He said, “In existing dormitories, students waste energy. Sometimes, they open the window or leave a room for a long time, leaving heating and cooling appliances turned on. Therefore, we made an alternative that turns off appliances once every several hours. However, students are inconvenienced because they want to turn on appliances all of the time. Accordingly, we expect to decrease the energy wasting by applying that system and by installing a meter in Yang Jin Jae.”
  Students might feel a burden because they may pay more. However, if public utility charges exceed expectation in existing dormitories, they are paid by our university finance. In other words, all students pay the excess cost. Also, electric charges are classified as an educational use because dormitories are educational institutions, so it is more inexpensive than general use and similar or a little more expensive than industrial use.
  This ‘individual levying of public utility system’ is enforced in Chungnam National University too. In that university, the dormitory home page specifies that the public utility system includes electricity, water and gas. However, our university specifies that information only in the bill. If our university specifies like that too, it can lighten the students’ confusion.




By Shin So-hyeon

<the source of news : The Chungbuk Times>