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MOU with China’s Three Gorges University for Academic Exchange Detail view
MOU with China’s Three Gorges University for Academic Exchange
Writer 홍보부

MOU with China’s Three Gorges University for Academic Exchange

On November 18 (Wednesday), CBNU President Yeo-Pyo Yun entered into a Memorandum of Understanding with Three Gorges University located in Yichang in Hubei Province, China, for human resources and academic exchange between the two universities.

Three Gorges University is attended by about 2,300 students from around the world and produces good quality talent in the area of hydroelectric power generation as it is situated near the Three Gorges Dam, the world’s largest hydropower dam.

Our collaborative research with Three Gorges University on the development of cosmetic products, foods, and drugs through studies of various natural pharmaceutical ingredients is expected to culminate in outstanding results.

Furthermore, since Korea’s improved image thanks largely to the Hallyu wave has attracted an increasing number of students and professors to Korea. We promised to provide our full support when professors of Three Gorges University wish to study at our university to earn doctoral degrees.

During the signing ceremony, President Yun expressed our intention to provide support by saying, “CBNU and Three Gorges University should both be looking for ways to benefit both universities,” adding, “We believe that we should begin this by implementing human resources exchange and joint research to research and develop natural pharmaceutical ingredients. Starting today, let us use our best efforts to further the growth of both schools.”