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Hit : 1948 RegDate : 2018.02.02
2018 Spring Semester Application Status-2round Detail view
2018 Spring Semester Application Status-2round

2018 Spring Semester Application Status-2round

1. Application Degree:Graduate

2. Final Application Status 
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3. Academic Calendar for Admitted Foreign Students
A. Tuition Fee Payment Schedule
  1) Period: Feb. 5(Mon.) ~ Feb. 9(Fri.), 2018 
                 (1week during business hours only-regular banking hours)
  2) Location: All NongHyup Branches(※ Including provincial NongHyup branches)

B. Tuition Bill Print out
1) Bill can be printed out on CBNU website during Feb. 5(Mon.) ~ Feb. 9(Fri.), 2018 
     - Bill Print Out:
     - Check Tuition Status:
2) Please let us know if anyone can not print the bill out on our website
The Office of International Services: +82-043-261-3841

* You must make a payment to the account number on your own tuition bill. 
  (Every student has different account numbers)
* [All students] 
  Please complete the payment 3days at least before the due date in terms of business hours since the process for payment takes a couple of days to go through.
* [Students who are in abroad] 
  Please complete the payment 1week at least before the due date in terms of business hours since the process for payment takes a few days to go through.

C. Course Registration

1) Period: Mar. 2(Fri.) ~ Mar. 8(Thu.), 2018
2) Method: Via Integrated Information System of Chungbuk National Website(충북대 종합정보시스템)
3) Please talk to the department you applied for about which courses you would choose before course registration.(043-261-3890)
4) Please submit the proof of insurance to the Office of International Services(Building N5 1st floor #151) before registering course. You will be able to register your course once we receive the proof of insurance.

D. Expected day of Admission: Mar. 2(Fri.), 2018(In terms of Intensive courses, class will begin on vacation period.)

F. Information on VISA for Admitted Foreign students. ☎ +82-43-261-3890