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2021 Fall Withdrawal from Registration Detail view
2021 Fall Withdrawal from Registration

2021 Fall Withdrawal from Registration


A. Period: Until 5PM Aug. 31, 2021, No later than the 1st semester begins(Except weekends and holidays)

B. Form whom

  - Applicants who were expecting to graduate, but can NOT graduate until the 1st semester begins

  - Overseas applicants who can NOT get VISA issued until the 1st semester begins
  - Applicants who can NOT submit valid certi. of Language Proficiency Exam(e.g. TOPIK 3 etc.) described on the guideline before 1st semester begins(in Feb.). 

  - Applicants who want to cancel the admission due to personal reasons

C. Required Documents(If your proxy paid your tuition;)

  - Cancellation of Enrollment(Refer to the attachment's forms)

  - Payment receipt(Please refer to page 12 of the attachment.)

  - Copy of the applicant’s ID card(Copy of the proxy’s ID card)

  - Copy of the applicant’s bankbook(Copy of the proxy’s bankbook)

D. Notes

  - The full refund is possible as long as the applicant submits the Cancellation of Enrollment with other required documents before the 1st semester begins.

  - If applicants submit the cancellation form after the 1st semester begins, it will be regarded not as ‘Cancellation of Enrollment’ but ‘Withdrawing from university’, which means the refund will be done excluding the admission fee and some amount based on 「CBNU Regulations」.

※ Even issues with late VISA, VISA refusal or any unexpected issues can NOT make any exceptions about the above policies.

  - The Cancellation of Enrollment can NOT be taken back.

CBNU Legislation Article 50(Refund of Tuition)

Tuition Refund can be carried out if it meets one of the clauses below, described as “Refund Reason”

1. If applicants cannot be admitted; including Readmission and Transferring. The same as above. or continue studying according to legislation

2. If successful applicants would like to give up on their admission

3. If enrolled students would like to drop out of school

3_2. If students taking leave are expelled for not coming back to school

4. If students cannot be admitted or continue studying due to their disease·death, natural disaster or inevitable reasons