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The 60th Anniversary Celebration of the University and 'Evening of Thanks' Detail view
The 60th Anniversary Celebration of the University and 'Evening of Thanks'
Writer 마스터

The Celebration and 'Evening of Thanks' were held on September 26th, 2011 in celebration of the 60th Anniversary of the University.

The 60th Anniversary Celebration was held in the Innovation Culture Center in the University where over 600 guests were in attendance including the former presidents of the University Cho Sung Jin, Lee Nang Ho, Chu Ja Moon, Lim Dong Chul, and Chung Bum Mo, the 1st president of the University and the Governor Lee Si Jong, Kim Hyung Keun, the Chairman of the Provincial Assembly, Lee Kyung Jae, and the Director of Cheongju Prosecutor's Office, Roh Yeon Hong, the head of Korea Food and Drug Administration.

At the Celebration, 178 people with years of service and 2 teams of 11 people with academic research were presented with an award, and the Proud Chungbuk National University Person Award was awarded to 10 people including Park Kyung Kook, Chungcheongbuk-do Administration Governor and Chung Hyung Jin, the president of Andong National University. We hosted the event, 'The Day of the Vision Declaration', which declares another new 60 years of our University aimed at Asian top 50s and 300s in the world, 2020, and 20s in the country, 2015 with a vision of the soaring university toward the world together with the local community.

At the celebration, Kim Seoung Tack, the current president of the University said the proud 60 year history of Chungbuk National University is built by devotion, cooperation, and passion of local residents and government. And he also said "Let's cope with the demands of the recent university reformation in a voluntary and active way, and overcome an ordeal wisely, based on the rational self-reflection so that our university can make rapid progress in another new 60 years.

In addition, the event, 'Evening of Thanks' taking place at the rollway square in front of Innovation Culture Center after the celebration of the 60th Anniversary of the University proceeded with the order of appreciating those contributing to the progress of the University, and declaring fund-raising events(114 campaigns), necessary to reinforcing the University competitiveness for another new 60 years.

At this event, the contribution plaque was awarded to the professor, Sim Bok Seop(the Art department), and the appreciation plaques were awarded to National Agricultural Cooperative Federation Chungbuk Regional Head Office, Mrs. Park Hee Ja, and GS Retail Corp. with over 500 participants in attendance, including the former presidents of the university and honorary professors as school officials, the members of the school supporting association, and the alumni association members, and the heads of local organizations as related celebrities, and benefactors, the members of aid association as development fundraisers.