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Mrs. Shin Un Im, the Mother of Chungbuk National University, donating 1,030 million won Detail view
Mrs. Shin Un Im, the Mother of Chungbuk National University, donating 1,030 million won
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A big congratulatory gift was conveyed to our university celebrating the 60th anniversary. At the event of "Evening of Thanks", "Kang Jeong Mrs. Shin Un Im", the education benefactor donated 1,030 million won in cash which she has persistently saved.

Mrs. Shin who has earned the title "Mother of Chungbuk National University” by donating a property worth of 3.3 billion won in June, 1993, once again conveyed a big message to the hostile world of difficult times by practicing "the spirit of sharing".

She said, "There are lots of sons and daughters in the University. I'm impressed whenever those who graduated from the University through my support drop by frequently and also on New year’s day, Chu-Suk, and my birthday, to cook and please me. I am most pleased to visit Chungbuk National University where my sons and daughters are, and I will always be the Mother of Chungbuk National University, alive or dead. Chungbuk National University is a home of mine and it will remain so even after I pass away.”    

“What I expect from the students is for them to honor our university by studying hard and to become the top in our society. To devote themselves to their parents, educate and raise their sons and daughters into top talents in our society is the road to flourish our university and our country“, stressed Mrs. Shin.

Thanks to Mrs. Shin’s donation of 3.3 billion won in 1993, total of 85 “Shin Un Im Scholarship Students” has been granted the scholarship of 632 million 644 thousand 5 hundred won, and the number of recipients will increase due to recent contribution.