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Selected for Quality of Working Life Detail view
Selected for Quality of Working Life
Writer 마스터

 CBNU’s consortium has been selected for QWL (Quality of Working Life) in 2012 and will receive national funds 25.7 billion won for the next 5 years.

QWL is a new concept of campus that provides students with learning opportunities, working experiences and cultural life. The project managed by universities and industries trains students to be fully qualified in each industry and supports mixed QWL corporations. Ministry of Knowledge Economy (MKE) and Korea Institute for Advancement of Technology (KIAT) finally choose CBNU consortium (Osong, Ochang Chung-Ju industrial complex) for the project(QWL) after they had evaluated 6 applicants’ presentations and results of screening sites. CBNU consortium will get an investment of total 489 billion won.

CBNU consortium will construct QWL campus and Research Centre for Business in a site of High Tech Medical Complex and also process many programs related to QWL in Osong from 2014. Therefore, this will make CBNU play a pivotal role to lead cooperative development of university, industries and community.

CBNU is expected to contribute to developing not only the university but also local industries and local strategic industry throughout focusing on transferring College of Pharmacy to Osong Campus, lifelong learning for workers, intention for small business capability, custom-made spot training etc.