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Dept. of Korean Language and Literature

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The department aims to foster talented individuals with expert knowledge on Korean literature through a systematic curriculum. It also aims to preserve the national’s cultural heritage in literature and promote further growth in the future.

To this end, since its establishment in 1981, the department developed a variety of major course related to Korean language, ancient literature and contemporary literature. Under the study of Korean language, courses that study the phonetics, grammar and meaning in Korean are offered. For the field of ancient literature, poetry and verse left by our ancestors are studied and for contemporary literature, courses that understand and analyze poetry, novels, plays and critique in the field of literature are offered. Liberal courses on speaking, writing and grammar are also offered.

With a faculty of 10 professors, the department prides itself on being one of the best in its field in both quantity and quality. This is because high-achieving students come study at our department, the department lives up to its status as a national university department and our faculty are among the highest ranked in the field.