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Dept. of Sociology

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Sociology as the fundamental study of social science emphasizes on the structural factors rather than individual factors when identifying the social phenomena and provides in-depth insights into the problems such as labor, social class, culture, women, ecology, environment and globalization. The graduates of Sociology enter various fields such as media sector, labor and welfare sector, public officials, NGOs and general enterprises.

Because Sociology is the study having strength in performing in-depth research on social phenomena and discovering and understanding the hidden side of such phenomena, those people who studied Sociology no matter which fields they enter acts with confidence that they possess a comprehensive and balanced insights on the human and the society. For this reason, among the graduates of Sociology, many people are active in the fields of media, civil rights and welfare that pursue the profit and necessity of the community beyond the personal interests. Our Sociology department that thinks the value of freedom and autonomy as an important virtue denounces all authoritarian elements between senior-junior and professor-student and think proudly of emphasizing on friendly and free communication.

In the Sociology department, alumni who are exerting their competence in various fields of the society are invited to provide special lectures and presentations and also provide important advice and information on social participation of students. Through this, we are confident that your employment rate will dramatically increase with significant improvement to the quality of work.