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Dept. of Sociology

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Educational Objectives

Sociology is the study of basic social science that studies the social phenomena scientifically. And Sociology is the study that has the characteristics of a holistic approach , rather than analytically distinguish social phenomena. Thus sociology political problems , economic problems , family issues , labor issues , gender issues , community issues , environmental issues, provides a deep insight about the various social problems .

Educational Contents

The curriculum consists of required courses and electives , such as Introduction to Sociology, History of Sociology, Social Statistics, Contemporary Sociological Theories, Social Research Methods, and Workshop in Social Research, and Information and Society, Sociology of Crime, Sociology of Organization and Management, Sociology of Culture, Sociology of Gender and Sexuality, Sociology of Economy, Urban Sociology, etc. including Sociology of Work and Occupations.


업무 및 직원안내 목록
Name Phone Major
Hurh, Seok Ryol +82-43-261-2186 Industrial Sociology, Labor Sociology, Development Sociology
Lee, Hang Woo +82-43-261-2181 Information and Society, Sociology of Culture, Political Sociology
Lee, Hae Jin +82-43-261-2182 Sociology of Local Communities, Social Movements, Social Economy, Food and Rural Sociology
Park, Jeong Mi +82-43-261-2183 Sociology of Gender and Sexuality, Historical Sociology, Social Policy
Hong, Deok Hwa +82-43-261-2184 Sociology of Environments, Sociology of Science and Technology, Urban Sociology