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Dept. of Psychology

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The department was first established in 1981, after which a master’s course was added in 1988 and a doctoral course in 1998.

Introduction to the department of Psychology

Definition of Psychological Studies

Psychology is a field of study that scientifically and empirically researches the mind and behavior of humans. Due to its emphasis on scientific approaches, it is often referred to as behavioral science as well.

Major areas of interest in psychology

Areas of interest in psychology is both wide and deep, ranging from natural sciences, humanities studies and social sciences and therefore psychology can be referred to as located in the crossing point of these fields. From the basics to its application, the field of psychology can be found in a number of domains with the global trend being a growing range of application.

Field of psychology

Psychology is roughly divided into basic psychology and applied psychology. Basic psychology is based on the psychological basis of all human behavior and can be further divided into biological psychology, perceived psychology, cognitive psychology, educational psychology, linguistic psychology, personality psychology, development psychology and social psychology. The applied field is about actually applying basic psychological knowledge to real life and includes clinical/counseling psychology, industrial/organizational psychology, health psychology, consumer/advertising psychology and criminal psychology. Clinical psychology deals I the assessment and treatment of psychological and behavioral disorders and counseling psychology helps psychological adjustment. Industrial and organizational psychology is an applied field focusing on behavioral factors and efficiency of organizational behavior. Recently, interest in criminal psychology that deals with the adjustment and rehabilitation of criminals by researching behavioral factors has been gaining attention.