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Dept. of Psychology

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Educational Objectives

Psychology is a field of inquiry that studies the mind and behavior of humans and trains scientists to advance theory and to create knowledge. Due to its strong emphasis on scientific approach, it is often referred to as behavioral science.

Educational Contents

Psychology comprises many subfields. Areas that examine the psychological basis of human behavior include biological psychology, psychology of perception, cognitive psychology, educational psychology, psycholinguistics, personality psychology, developmental psychology, and social psychology. Areas that aim to apply psychological knowledge to real life include clinical psychology, counseling psychology, industrial/organizational psychology, health psychology, consumer/advertising psychology, criminal psychology, and psychology of justice system. Deparment of Psychology at Chungbuk National University is devoted to developing research capacities of students and researchers in the variety of subfields in Psychology.


업무 및 직원안내 목록
Name Phone Major
Lim, Sung-Moon +82-43-261-2190 Counseling Psychology
Lee, Seungbok +82-43-261-2193 Psychology of Language, Cognitive Psychology
Ghim, Hei-Rhee +82-43-261-2194 Developmental Psychology
Kwangbai Park +82-43-261-2195 Psychological Methodology, Psychology and Law
Jung, Woo Hyun +82-43-261-2184 Sociology of Environments, Sociology of Science and Technology, Urban Sociology
Sungeun You +82-43-261-3612 Clinical Psychology
Sang Hee, Park +82-43-261-2192 Social Psychology
Hyunjung Choi +82-43-261-2179 Clinical Psychology