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Dept. of Political Science and International Relations

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Educational Objectives

  • Developing the Creative Competitiveness with Specialized Knowledge
  • Cultivating Global Leadership for a Global Society
  • Cultivating Democratic Citizenship to Lead Korea and the World
  • Promoting Universal Values of Humanity that Contribute to National and International Society

Educational Contents

Department of Political Science and International Relations studies Politics and International Relations. Political Science is a discipline that systematically analyzes and criticizes political phenomena, that is, government, political process, form of government and its purpose, etc. The International Relations is a study of understanding the reality of international politics from a broader perspective and it provide the tools to make sense of the complex world around us. Political science and international relations is the field of study that is most directly related to both theory and practice in modern society characterized by internationalization, globalization, localization, and democratization. In order to cultivate talented people who will lead the 21st century, we offer courses in Political Theory, Political Thought, Comparative Politics, International Relations Theory, Foreign Policy Analysis, Inter-Korean Politics, Japanese Politics, Chinese Politics, American Politics, European Politics and International Political Economy, etc.


업무 및 직원안내 목록
Name Phone Major
Ahn, Sung-ho +82-43-261-2211 Comparative Politics, Political Research Methodology
Kim, Il-su +82-43-261-2208 International Relations, Foreign Policy
Park, Hong-young +82-43-261-2210 Comparative Politics, Japanese Politics
Chung, Tae-il +82-43-261-2209 Political Thought, Korean Politics
Lee, Jang-won +82-43-261-2205 International Relations, Chinese Politics
Yoon, Sung-wook +82-43-261-2207 International Political Economy, European Politics, International Financing, Regional Integration