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Dept. of Economics

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Economics is the main study of social science having more than 200 years of history. It has its own theoretical system and deals not only with economic issues such as individuals, households, enterprises, national consumption, production and distribution but also deals with production of the whole country or the whole world, distribution, employment, inflation, growth and changes. After the graduation, many people enter general enterprises, financial institutions, investment institutions and media organizations but when you become a government official through various tests, after obtaining the certificates you can enter public authorities, accounting firms and investment institutions. Also you can become various researchers and graduate school students as well as engage in personal business.

Currently, the department of economics operates a variety of small group meetings within the department.

There are 6 small group meetings(Currency Competition Prep Group, Chung Krugman, Public Enterprise Public Official Prep Group, Urat cha cha, Economic Development, Awakening) and we are recommending 1:1 small group meetings. Each small group meetings participate in competitions in accordance with their goal and they foster the economic fundamentals and majoring knowledge and strengthen the employment skills through continuous study of economics. In addition, small group meetings are encouraged through annual competition and the best small group meetings are selected for award ceremonies.