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Dept. of Economics

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Educational Objectives

The Department of Economics improves the students' ability to analyze the real economy, which not only helps them in real life and employment, but also educates economists who can play an active role in society.

Educational Contents

The course covers a wide range of courses in applied economics that can be applied to various disciplines such as business administration, law, political science, sociology, and administration. The course covers theoretical economics and applied economics. It also provides a methodology course that is essential for the analysis.


업무 및 직원안내 목록
Name Phone Major
Youngwan, Goo +82-43-261-2217 International Trade, Micro Economics
Kwanho, Kim +82-43-261-3015 Financial Economics
Sang-whan, Kim +82-43-261-2214 Econometrics, Financial Economics
Seongki, Kim +82-43-261-2218 Economic History
Kicheol, Ryoo +82-43-261-2220 Labor Economics
Young-mok, Bae +82-43-261-2219 Monetary Economics
Dong-soo, Lee +82-43-261-2177 Industrial Organization
Yeonho, Lee +82-43-261-2215 International Finance
Byeong-in, Im +82-43-261-2216 Public Finance, Environmental Economics