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Dept. of Mathematics

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Educational Objectives

Cultivating creative talent who has logical, rational thinking and mathematical expertise through mathematical refinement.

Educational Contents

In the information age of 21st century when the basic science field has been actively and rapidly developed, the mathematics department cultivates researchers who be able to solve a variety of scientific problems through teaching and researching not only pure subjects in mathematics like algebra, analysis, geometry, topology, but also applied areas like computer science, statistics, and numerical analysis.


업무 및 직원안내 목록
Name Phone Major
Seung On LEE +82-43-261-2246 Topology
Seok Jong LEE +82-43-261-2249 Topology
Jae Heon Yoon +82-43-261-2250 Numerical Analytics
Un Cig JI +82-43-261-2241 Analysis
Doo Won KOH +82-43-261-2244 Analysis
Sejong KIM +82-43-261-2247 Geometry
Oh Sang KWON +82-43-261-2243 Analysis
Daewoong CHEONG +82-43-261-2245 Algebra
Seonkwang KIM +82-43-261-3277 Fuctional Analysis
Meesue Yoo +82-43-261-2248 Algebra
Jaemin Shin +82-43-261-2242 applied mathematics
Changhun Yang +82-43-261-3418 Analysis