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In the mathematics department, by actively coping with the information age of the 21st century and by performing the thorough research of basic science sectors which is constantly evolving, pure theory areas such as algebra, analysis, geometry and topology, and applied mathematics such as computer science, statistics and applied mathematics are taught and researched in order to foster and produce the mathematicians who can deal with many scientific challenges faced by the modern society. By completing the teaching profession offered in the mathematics department, a level 2 professional certificate for secondary school is awarded which allows the advancement into the public or private middle and high schools as a teacher, and also able to advance into the insurance companies, finance companies, government officers, general businesses and professional private institutions for admissions. With the introduction of joint honours system, if a double major of different field is studied, advancement into other sectors is possible. In addition, by enrolling into the graduate school, an academic research can be conducted in deeper areas of expertise for each major, and after the graduation, students can work in specialized fields such as universities, research institutions and companies. Until March of 2009, the graduate school as produced 20 doctors and 66 masters, and in the case of doctoral degree, 6 university professors, 2 dedicated lecturing professors, 4 secondary school teachers and 8 university lecturers are currently working in the field. In the case of master's degree, some have advanced to doctoral degree and some are working as researchers in the field of finance, statistics and engineering.