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Dept. of information & Statistics

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Educational Objectives

Development of field-adaptive practical ability through statistical specialization

Educational Contents

Statistics is a decision-making science which studies techniques for developing data-analysis methods based on scientific logic and analyzes collected data. In the era of uncertainty, it is required for people to have quantitative recognition and to understand how to process data. Due to the rapid development of society in recent years, the forms of data has become very diverse as well as increasingly large. Statistics is a constantly changing science field as the more complex the society becomes. Accordingly, the demands and roles of statistics get greater.


업무 및 직원안내 목록
Name Phone Major
Kim Jeongyeon +82-43-261-2257 Bayesian statistics
Na Jonghwa +82-43-261-2232 Statistical Computing
Lee Seongdeok +82-43-261-2259 Time series analysis
Jung Daehyeon +82-43-261-2329 Survival analysis
Jo Joongjae +82-43-261-2258 Statistical Quality Control
Heo Taeyoung +82-43-261-3741 Spatial Analysis