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Dept. of Physics

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Educational Objectives

The Department of Physics is a discipline that explains the natural phenomena caused by the interaction of natural components and their interaction. It allows students to learn the basic laws and knowledge about natural phenomena by themselves so that they can understand various phenomena of the material world. The aim of the training is to develop the ability.

Educational Contents

Students are taught fundamental theories and experiments, curriculum is organized to develop scientific thinking and logic, and the curriculum of physics deals with the basic theories of physics such as general dynamics, electromagnetism, quantum mechanics, Particle Physics, Nuclear Physics, Statistical Physics, Solid State Physics, Optics, Computational Physics, Biology, Basic Subjects, Basic Physics Experiment, Advanced Device Experiment I, Electronic Device Experiment, Electron Physics Experiment, Physics, and astrophysics. Because the curriculum is organized so that various fields can be studied in depth with the physics major, it is possible to easily study the applied science fields such as other natural science fields and engineering fields easily depending on the interest of the students.


업무 및 직원안내 목록
Name Phone Major
Yu, Seong Cho +82-43-261-2269 Solid State Physics
Choi, Jung Bum +82-43-261-2238 Semiconductor Physics
Lim, Ki-Soo +82-43-261-2239 Optics and Solid Laser Spectroscopy
Kim, Yong Uhn +82-43-261-2277 Nuclear Physics, Instrumental Neutron Activation Analysis, Radiation Physics.
Han, Seung Kee +82-43-261-2274 Complex systems, nonlinear dynamcis and chaos, Neural dynamics,