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The subjects of Physics have the most extensive range of research from elementary particles which belongs to microscopical world and their interactions to the structuring of the giant universe and identifying the principles of creation. In Physics, such studies are quantitatively and accurately identified and precisely proven through tests and observations thus the students who are trained with Physics are recognized of their creative ability and progressive adaptability in natural science as well as in the field of engineering and medicine.

Although engineering is in charge of quantification and commercialization of previous technologies but the creative technologies based on physical phenomenon as seen in semiconductors, lasers, new materials, nuclear technology and Internet, etc, were initiated by physicists. The information technology(IT), Bio technology(BT) and Nano technology(NT) which are attracting attention also requires the knowledge of physicists and the Physics will lead the creative new technology of the 21st century.

The faculty consists of experts in various fields and provides in-depth curriculum in order to produce creative researchers who will take part in various fields directed towards the 21st century, and here, particle physics and nuclear physics, semiconductor physics and solid state physics, theory of relativity and astrophysics, biophysics and computational physics can be found and it also includes experimental education related to the utilization of various equipments of lasers and electronic engineering. In the graduate school, nanotechnology, superconducting and magnetic materials, optical materials and semiconductors, surface physics, photonics, biophysics, particle and nuclear physics, quantum statistics, astronomy, etc, are being studied.