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Dept. of Earth and Environmental Sciences

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Educational Objectives

By understanding of the earth system by monitoring what happened on Earth and organizing scientific thinking that quantifies and quantifies it, we will contribute to the sustainable growth of mankind and foster experts who can conduct globalized exploration of energy and mineral resources.

Educational Contents

The Earth and Environmental Sciences deal with advanced understanding and appreciation of the Earth: its resources, structure, processes, and history. The courses offered by the department focus on topics to create an informed and scientifically literate public, capable of making the choices required for a sustainable future, and to educate the next generation of leading Earth and planetary scientists. Through basic research, our faculty and students further seek understanding of the past, present, and future whole Earth system, including linkages between the solid Earth and its enveloping hydrosphere, atmosphere, and biosphere.


업무 및 직원안내 목록
Name Phone Major
Ahn Jung Ho +82-43-261-3156 mineralogy
Kim Ji Soo +82-43-261-3201 Geophysics
Lee Chul Woo +82-43-261-3208 stratigraphy and sedimentology
Choi Sang Hoon +82-43-261-3234
Seo Young Seok +82-43-261-2765 ore deposit geology
Kim Yoon Sup +82-43-261-2731 Petrology
Na Ki Chang +82-43-261-3136 Petrology