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Earth and Environmental Sciences

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Earth and environmental science is the study that falls under the basic natural science where the creation of earth and the changing process is explored, and includes the field of basic materials science that studies the constituents of the earth and the applied geology and earth environmental science which is applied in the actual life by studying various changing processes since the creation of the earth. Earth materials and its creation and circulation, earth power system is the field related to electronics and soil environmental research, environmental assessment and earth information system is the field related to the latter.

In recent years, as the environmental pollution and environmental changes of the earth is accelerated, the role of the earth environmental science is becoming more important in order to solve the problems and accurately investigate its causes, and the demand of earth environmental scientists in the society is increasing. In order to understand the earth and its environment, a macroscopic outdoor investigation using various measurement instruments is essential thus many investigation activities are being performed not only in South Korea but also in Japan, China, Antarctica and the Pacific Ocean.

In addition, in order to perform the detailed study on the earth constituents, indoor studies are actively being performed using various state-of-the-art analytical equipments such as seismic data processing system, electron microscope analysis system, mineral synthesizers and isotope analyzer.