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Major of Biology

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Life science is the center of creative knowledge industrial society of the 21st century The department of biology has maintained the 30 years of history and tradition since the approval was obtained in October 1978 from natural science college to the department that majors biology for the first time, and it has been repeating the endless challenges and leap in order to foster the professional human resources of biology that meet the needs of the times. Since 1983 when it produced the first graduates, it has produced approximately 1,200 alumni until now and such alumni having a great capacity are contributing to the development of biology of South Korea in various sectors of life science.

Life science is an academic field that covers all areas related to life from molecules, cells, generation and form classification to ecology, environment and evolution, and based on the fundamental and application science, it provides the basis of commercialization and studies on various phenomena occurring in organisms and ecosystems and ultimately, it is fusional and complex study having the goal of solving various problems arising from diseases, aging and environmental changes which are faced by humanity.

In addition, the life science as the hub study of the 21st century and as the core area of future knowledge based society who will lead the era of multi-disciplinary study and convergence study that covers all natural sciences and engineering, medicine and agriculture, it is the high-tech sector that will lead the next generation of national industry.

Therefore, the department of biology has proclaimed the year 2014 as 'the year of reform and the creation of future values' and established the 'VISION 2030' which is the long-term development plan of biology department, and we are doing the best to foster the 'future life scientists' who will lead the creative knowledge industrial society of the 21st century. The department of biology based on the growth engine of 3C - Creativity, Curiosity and Change, is fostering the future life scientists of the 21st century who can flexibly cope with the following modern life science sectors.


업무 및 직원안내 목록
Name Phone Major
Byoung-Un Oh +82-43-261-2296 Plant Taxonomy
Soo Young Choe +82-43-261-2297 Genetics
Sung-Jin Cho +82-43-261-2294 Regeneration & Evolutionary Developmental Biology
Hojin Ryu +82-43-261-2293 Plant Physiology
Kyunghwan Kim +82-43-261-2292 Epigenetics & Chromatin Biology
Jong-Seok Park +82-43-261-3162 Animal Systematics
Kyuho Kang +82-43-261-2295 Molecular Immunology