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The department of microbiology that leads the life science of the 21st century
The department of microbiology was established in October 1984 after receiving the approval from the Ministry of Education as the fourth national university. After selecting 40 new students in March of 1985, it has produced hundreds of graduates up to now and significantly contributed to the development of microbiology of Korea.

Microorganisms are a subject that makes up the micro world with microscopic sizes which is essential element that maintains the ecological environment of the earth and has beneficial side and harmful side to humans. Microbiology as application study is becoming the basis of the development of various biotechnologies such as development of new drugs and materials, biotechnology host and development of gene therapy vectors, and environmental purification. Furthermore, as the core basic study field of integration era and system microbiology that will lead the 21st century, it is located in the center of life science research.

In order to foster the qualities as the microbiologist needed in the 21st century, biochemistry, cell and molecular biology, bacteriology, genetics, ecology, virology, mycology, etc were established to help the understanding of basic microbiology. In addition, with the studies of applied microbiology, microbial genomes engineering, synthetic biology, molecular microbiology engineering and system microbial metabolic engineering were established along with biological process validation internship which is associated with the student's career after the graduation. Through this, it enables the students to grow as experts by encountering a wide range of microbiology and furthermore we are trying to facilitate the smooth association with the career.