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The biochemistry has 25 years of history after being established in November of 1986. In the biochemistry department, we are operating educational programs for fostering the future 'talents required in the era of bio economy.' Biochemistry is the study of identifying the life phenomena by researching the chemical reactions in the molecular level that occurs within the body and utilized in a variety of fields such as medicine, pharmacy, agriculture, environment, nano-bio that includes the development of new drugs, development of disease diagnosis and treatment, relieving famine and purification of earth's environment.

The educational goal of biochemistry is "contributing to the local and nation by fostering the global scientific talents who will lead the life science era of the 21st century." Contributing to the national development by fostering the talents of bio-economy era, vitalization of local economy and employment of the students by fostering the talents associated with the local industry in Osong / Ochang region, and fostering the first-class life scientists with global research competencies who can perform the research anywhere around the world.