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Dept. of Astronomy & Space Science

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Educational Objectives

Training people of talent who will lead Korea space industry age, Cultivating people of ability who will play an important role in popularization of Astronomy and Space Science for the public.

Educational Contents

The Department of Astronomy and Space Science offers undergraduate and graduate programs for a wide range of fields in astronomy and space sciences. The undergraduate program covers a broad range of education with emphasis on basic astronomy and space science, astronomical observations, and space applications. In particular, it includes public astronomy program where students are given opportunities for active participation in public outreach activities. The bachelor of science degree in astronomy and space science provides preparation for employment or further study in astronomy, space science, and related fields.


업무 및 직원안내 목록
Name Phone Major
Cho, Tae-Ju +82-43-261-2309 Plant Molecular Biology
Suh, Kyung-Won +82-43-261-2315 Infrared astronomy, Stellar astronomy, Interstellar matter
Kim, Chun-Hwey +82-43-261-3139 Optical astronomy, Binary mechanics, Satellite orbit and attitude study
Kim, Yong-gi +82-43-261-3202 X-ray astronomy, Ultraviolet astronomy, Radio receiver and 1.8m radio telescope drive system
Lee, Dae-Young +82-43-261-2316 Space science and space environment, Space plasma physics
Hayasaki, Kimitake +82-43-261-1884 BlackHole astrophysics
An, Hong-Jun +82-43-261-2314 High energy astrophysics