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Dept. of Management Information Systems

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The Department of Business information nurtures business information talent who are able to handle excellent communications, systematic thinking, a creative and ethical decision-making. With a focus on practical skills and a well-rounded personality to meet the needs of today’s corporations, the Department aims to have the highest ranking in terms of successful job applications in Korea and to become the most preferred department.


The department of business information, in order to meet these objectives, runs a curriculum that reflects the needs of the market. Competent instructors are secured to foster talent who shine in everyday work situations. Knowledge networks between students and between students and alumni is also being expanded. To further globalize the program, more than five courses every semester are taught in English, student exchange programs have been introduced with other universities overseas and overseas training is also provided. The department, through these activities and a close cooperation with the local community and the national government, creates a unique value.


The field of business management information covers methods to more effectively use information technology in business management, and therefore offer a wide option in career choices after graduation. One can focus on business management or on the application of information technology or the convergence of these two areas.