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School of Mechanical Engineering

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Introduction of the Faculty

The department, with its cutting edge technology and highly skilled faculty, produces graduates each year who are able to contribute in their respective fields. The curriculum not only focuses on the acquisition of knowledge, but also on forming well-rounded members of the society. During the first two years, basic dynamics courses such as engineering math, material dynamics, thermal dynamics, fluid mechanics, statics, kinetics, theory of mechanics, mechanic manufacturing is studied, while during the last two years, more in-depth courses such as mechanical design, mechanical vibration, machine tools, automatic control, mechatronics, and automobile engineering are assigned. After graduation, students join corporations related to machinery, such as those in the automobile industry or heavy industries, or become researchers to contribute further to the study of this field.

The department of mechanical engineering has been awarded a certification by the Korea Engineering Certification Center for its in-depth courses on mechanical engineering and is delivering education of highly talented experts that are also competent in the application of theory in rea life.