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Dept. of Environmental Engineering

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Environmental issues have taken an important place among issues that threaten our livelihood and undermine our quality of life. Abnormal weather patterns, global warming, air pollution on a global scale, imbalance in water resources and water contamination call for high-tech and appropriate technologies to be developed. Established in 1984, the department has been conducting research and education on the basics and application of theories in order to resolve environmental issues accompanied by industrialization, such as water contamination, air pollution, waste, noise and vibration. In 2004, the department was selected as a member of the NURI project, which promised an annual government subsidy of 300 million Won for over 5 years. In 2006, it was selected as a member of “resource recycling and environment, urban technology development task force’ which formed stage 2 of Brain Korea 21 and received an annual 600 million Won in subsidies over 7 years. In 2013, it was again selected as a participant in the “task force to nurture talent in convergence technology to create energy self-sufficient city” and received another annual 600 million Won over 7 years. The department continues to invest heavily in improving its educational infrastructure and reinforcing students’ readiness for the job market.