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Dept. of Architecture

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The department of architecture at Chungbuk University was approved by the Ministry of Education in 1978 to become a specialized college in engineering. With over 30 years of history, it later separated from the department of architectural engineering to form an independent department. As the need for international certification in the education of architectural design and engineering grows, the originally four year course was revised to a five year course for a Bachelor’s degree in Architecture in 2002.

The department of architecture aims to meet the demands for a highly skilled expert in the field amidst rapid changes in society and therefore provides its students with a curriculum that is both unique and universal. The educational objective has been defined as “the sustainability based on the culture of Jungwon” and takes full consideration of the University’s geographic location as a hub, the historic value it has and its commitment to become environment-friendly.

As part of action plans to meet the objective, a practice-oriented education, joint programs between academia and industry, specialized research and design and joint projects with the local community are also established. The department has been awarded the highest grade in the category of education on architecture from KAAB on January 31, 2012, once again proving that it lives up to international standards that produce experts strong in basics as well as application.

With a successful job application rate of 84.6% among our graduates, it has been selected as one of the top performers in the job market by the University in 2013 and has also made a name through various awards our students have won at competitions nationwide, including the grand prix in the Korea Architectural Culture Competition in 2013.