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School of Electrical Engineering

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Electrical engineering Department, established in 1974, cultivates talents in the electrical engineering part. Leading the second electricity revolution 130 years after Edison, this department is equipped with the electrical engineering+IT technology+software fusion curriculum including cutting-edge technology. It contains the following parts: electrical materials and high voltage, power electronics, digital signal process, semiconductor devices and integrated circuit, electrical appliances, power system/energy system, plasma application, signal and video process, digital engineering and control engineering, etc.

Electrical engineering Department has built an efficient specialty education operation system through continuous performance of and participation in manpower cultivation projects promoted by the national government as follows: the Government-led Engineering College Supporting Project (5 years from 1995); BK21 Project (5 years from 2000); Basic Manpower Cultivation Project of Korean Electricity Co. (2 years from 2003); New University for Regional Innovation (NURI) Project (5 years from 2004); Electric Power IT Manpower Cultivating Project (4 years from 2007); Smart Grid Basic Manpower Cultivating Project (4 years from 2010); Industry-College Cooperation Project (5 years from 2012); BK21 Plus Project (7 years from 2013). The department was chosen as the best department in chungbuk University in 2010, the fifth best in 2011, the best in 2012 and in 2013, establishing its position as the department representing Chungbuk University. It has various (scholarship and industry-linked) student supporting programs.