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School of Information and Communication Engineering

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Information Communication Engineering Department aims to cultivate engineers in high-tech technology and information technology. To achieve the aim, the department provides students with practical engineering education programs which can be ideally applied to rapidly changing information processing and communication part.

Information Communication Engineering Department is not only equipped with educational system designed to cultivate engineers specialized to lead the future information society and suited to the smart society, but, through strengthening of basic engineering theory education and practical skill education, pursues cultivation of specialty in information communication and creative problem-solving capacity, and focuses on cultivating adaptability in working places. In addition, the department, through the operation of team unit curriculum, also pursues cultivation of organizational adaptability. In the future, the society will develop into information society, smart society where creation of knowledge information, distribution of knowledge information, and smartization of information communication technology will be the sources of the national competitiveness and growth engine. And, it is expected that information communication technology, its core technology, will be changed to high speed, large volume, integration of the wired and the wireless, personalization, sophistication, ultra-miniaturization, low electricity, and increase of mobileness. Based on such prospects, this department includes in its curriculum the followings: multimedia information processing, software, optical communication and electronic wave, communication network, communication algorithm, and integrated circuit design, etc. And, to guide students for their career and enhance employment rate of graduates, the department systemize close guidance through periodic and random consultations.