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Dept. of Computer Engineering

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01. cultivation of talents in computer industry

Computer Engineering Department, Electronic Information College, Chungbuk University is the department cultivating creative and convergence-oriented high-quality talents who will lead the creative industry and is equipped with creativity, fusion, and convergence.
By providing students with education from softwares needed in the future ICT industry such as multimedia, communication, video recognition, network security, database, programming language development, to contents and hardware, the department cultivates students as talents who can work as experts in various areas.

02. Core curriculum

To cultivate students into the highest computer specialists with systematic education on the computer system, the department runs a curriculum suitable to hardware, software, and various applied areas through computer system process, multimedia process, and Internet process.

03. Faculty/Department Student supporting system

Through various scholarships provided by the university and outside sources such as the national engineering scholarship, KT scholarship, special scholarship of Chungbuk University, and the certification of engineering education, the department upgrades its education quality. In addition, by supporting scholarly/research clubs led by the professors of the department, the department provides students with practical specialty education.