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Dept. of Animal Science

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One of the greatest achievements of mankind is that they have made wild animals adapt to the environment that mankind provided them.”

This forms one of the earliest success cases in husbandry by our ancestors. Today’s experts in husbandry are called upon to maximize production efficiency.

Given that husbandry involves spending a lot of time with animals, diligence, a hard-working attitude, persistence and effort are required and this also helps those in the field to become a more well-rounded human being. Our department was established in 1950 and shares the history of Chungbuk University as one of the earliest departments to be founded.

Over 1500 graduates so far have been active in various walks of life. With rising living standards and national income levels, we are likely to consume more dairy and meat products. Therefore the task of those in the field of husbandry is ever increasing. Time magazine even selected three fields related to husbandry in its list of top 10 promising jobs in the 21stcentury(organtransplant,geneticanalysisandgeneticallyengineeredhusbandry)and therefore the discipline represents a promising area for studies.