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Dept. of Environmental & Biological Chemistry

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Since its establishment in 1962, the department has its roots in the department of agricultural chemistry.

It has produced over the years over 1400 graduates with bachelor’s degrees, 120 masters and 30 doctors and has been focusing on the education and research to foster leaders and scientists that can spearhead the movement of agriculture and bio sciences.

Based on basic theories involving biological sciences and the environment, the department aims to train and research the fundamentals of vital phenomenal, the eco environment and the living environment of biological creatures from the perspectives of chemistry.

The undergraduate course is divided into basic major course and in-depth major course to this end. In the basic major course, courses on agricultural science, environmental chemistry and biological science are taught, while in the in-depth courses, theories on soil, biochemistry, micro-organisms in soil, agricultural environment chemistry, agricultural pharmacology, molecular biology and environmental physics are covered. As practice courses, analysis of soil environment, analysis of remaining pesticides, and analysis of water quality are offered. There are also labs by major, including lab for the study of soil, biochemistry lab, botanical nutrition/fertilizer lab, agricultural environment and micro-organism lab and agricultural pharmacology and environmental physics lab.

Each lab is equipped with the latest tools for research and education. Some of the most representative experiment device that the department has are an advanced analyzers for gas chromatographs, liquid chromatographs, ultraviolet ray analyzer, 형광분광광도계, 원자흡광분광광도계, 중성자 토양수분 밀도 측정기, analyzers for radioactive isotopes, nitrogen analyzers and ion analyzers. 전기영동장치, 초음파 세포 파괴장치, cell activation measuring device, device to measure ion concentration within cells and device to measure the ion penetration of cell membranes are also available and 냉동원심분리기, 초고속 원심 분리기 and 조직배양기 are also used for research and education.