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Dept. of Education

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The department, since its establishment in 1979, has been operating undergraduate and graduate courses and produced 642 alumni (565 bachelor degrees and 77 master and doctoral degrees) to date, contributing to the evolution in educational studies of Korea.

With a double major course with China’s Yenben, and associated courses with universities in Austria, Finland and Estonia, as well as professor exchange programs with Australia’s University of Melbourne, it is also at the forefront of international cooperation. Through a multi-disciplinary approach, the understanding on educational studies is broadened and problem-solving skills are increased.

The department is almost like a college of its own where inter-disciplinary research is valued, a bonding between professors, colleagues and students and team work are emphasized. According to the publicly released data in 2012, our department ranked second in terms of the research grants our full-time faculty received and ranked first in terms of the ratio of courses offered by full-time faculty members. By operating the regional education research center which has been designated as an associated research center by the Ministry of Education, the department stays active in the implementation and distribution of research needed on educational sites.