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Dept. of Geography Education

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The main educational objectives of Geographic Education are to foster the competent middle and high school teachers, geography educators and geographers. Therefore the study of the department does not require a specific talent and aptitude. However, to perform a more desirable study, a special interest on the sky, human and land is required. Especially in the 21st century, like the word that environment will rule the future, students with interest on the natural environment and distribution pattern of human life and its changes can be seen to be suitable for studies of the department.

The Geographic Education does not just perform static learning of reading the book and studying. The homeland exploratory small group meeting called 'the Sky, Land and Human' utilizing the characteristics of the department was created for the self-learning of the students in 1986 and periodically four times a year, a national survey is conducted to study the national humanities and natural geographical landscapes. In addition, they document the survey materials each time and host joint exploratory photo exhibitions with the department during the festival period. While showing the geographical landscapes which are not felt during the daily lives of other students, they also provide the place for describing the fundamental knowledge of geography which a close relationship with us.

Geography is closely related to our lives. The space in which we live in is also geography and all activities of human existing in the surface can be understood through the geography. Not only for those who are majoring but all humans living their daily lives on the surface is physically learning the geography through the body.

The Geographic Education of Chungbuk National University not only lets us learn the homeland and the global village as the place of our lives but tries to beautifully preserve and cultivate.