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Dept. of Social Studies Education

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Our department was established in 1976 to train teachers of social studies in middle and high schools.

Since its establishment, the department has produced over 600 graduates over 30 years who are working as social studies teachers across the nation.

The department offers the study of educational theory on the teaching of social studies to offer more efficient teaching on the subjects of political science, economics, social studies, legal studies, anthropology and social philosophy.

The wisdom of the ‘bear’ is used as a symbol in our department to represent what we aim for. Networking events with alumni are held every year, as well as various seminars, presentations and small group events for students. Through these events, students train themselves to become better teachers of the subject. Each year, social surveys are also conducted to measure the citizens’ mindset towards social issues related to education. Graduates are not only able to become good teachers after completing their studies, but also develop a keen understanding of social phenomena, thereby becoming a contributor to society.

The department has been working cooperatively with its members to make the next big step. Current students look to alumni for good examples in various walks of life.