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Dept. of Ethics Education

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The Department of Ethics Education established in 1981 has the objective of fostering teachers who can faithfully perform the education of morals and ethics curriculum of middle and high school. In the Department of Ethics Education, a wide range of in-depth courses such as ethical ideas of Korea and East/West, philosophy, political science, social science, religion, etc, are established in order to raise the discerning eye having various perspectives and viewpoints on the issues of ethics that are essential for leading the personal life as well as social life. Through these courses, the students not only as a teacher of secondary school but as a member of society and the state, can be equipped with the correct human nature and social nature for living the best life. As a result of exerting the best effort by 5 sincere and excellent professors in order to realize the educational goals of the Department of Ethics Education, this department boasts the highest level of teacher recruitment examination pass rate among national universities and has contributed much to the development of the country, individuals, schools and society.