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Dept. of Physics Education

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Our Department of Physical Education has the objective of realizing the education for the whole person with the goal of fostering competent physical education teachers and education professionals. By offering a variety of practical courses required in the field of physical education as well as professional theoretical knowledge on physical education, it is focused on fostering the professionalism of physical education teachers required by the society and the 21st century. Not only that but in the other fields related to physical education besides physical education teaching, we are trying our best to foster a competitive talent who can represent Korea and the world. To achieve this, in the physical education curriculum, we offer a variety of practical courses such as exercise physiology, sport psychology and motor learning, sport sociology, physical principles, exercise prescription, sport history, physical education teaching methods, physical education curriculum, physical education research methods and training methodology which can help the understanding of physical education as well as track and field, gymnastics, soccer, volleyball, basketball, tennis, skiing and baseball, etc, which are necessary in the field of physical education.