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Dept. of Earth Science Education

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Educational Objectives

  • To develop creative ability to solve problems and research capability based on experiments and practical courses.
  • To train teachers with profound knowledge on earth sciences.
  • To train teachers with decent personality, ethics, and propriety.

Educational Contents

Earth sciences comprise several disciplines such as astronomy, atmospheric sciences, oceanography, and geology which all aim to understand natural phenomena in the Earth. Earth science teachers are critically important in our efforts to educate public to respect and conserve the planet’s resources and environment. The department provides students with a strong foundation in earth sciences as well as educational theory and methods.


업무 및 직원안내 목록
Name Phone Major
Hyung, Siek +82-43-261-2726 Astronomy
Daeok Youn +82-43-261-2738 Atmospheric Sciences: Dynamics, Climate-Chemistry Interaction, Earth System Modeling
Dong-Chan Lee +82-43-261-2670 Geology (Paleontology)
Hyoungbum Kim +82-43-261-2737 Earth Science Education