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Dept. of Food and Nutrition

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The department, based on the basics of the studies of food and nutrition, aim to foster experts that can help promote public health, prevention of diseases and improve the quality of life for their local community. The educational goals of the department are as follows.

  1. Fostering of experts in the field of food and nutrition, who meets international standards in their expertise
  2. Fostering of experts who are able to establish strategies in food and nutrition to promote health and prevent diseases, based on an understanding and analysis of the food environment
  3. Fostering of experts who are able to contribute to society, promote local food health based on their social responsibility, cooperative problem-solving skills and communication skills

To that end, students’ core capabilities to be fostered are as Expertise, Applicability and Leadership. Our department assesses progress in these areas for students every semester. As majors and research fields, the department has nutritional studies, clinical nutritional studies, applied nutritional studies, food studies, food hygiene studies, management of large-scale food provision and functional food studies.