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Dept. of Child Welfare

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Educational Objectives

Child welfare refers to the area of studies and activities implemented by individuals, the private sector and the nation to ensure that children live a healthy and sound life as members of family and society so that they can become the leaders of the future. In order to better understand, protect and educate children, their growth and development, overall phenomenon concerning children and their social implications are studied and highlighted from a behavioral point of view, focusing on their interaction with various social environments.

Educational Contents

The department has as its mission the fostering of global leaders with practical expertise in the field of child welfare, who is also able to flexibly combine various disciplines in child and family welfare with social welfare. To that end, the four core values of Expertise, Applicability, Leadership and Glocalization are used as a base to understand children and to protect and educate them.

The fields under this large category include child and family counseling, child and family welfare, children’s development, social welfare policy, children’s education and welfare for the physically handicapped and their families. Related certifications include those for grade 2 teachers (issued by the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family), those for grade 2 social worker (Ministry of Health and Welfare), those for grade 2 kindergarten teachers (Ministry of Education) and those for family health manager (Ministry of Gender Equality and Family)


업무 및 직원안내 목록
Name Phone Major
Kim, Yeong Hee +82-43-261-3147 Child Counseling & Family Counseling
Yoon, Hye Mee +82-43-261-2794 Child Welfare & Family Welfare
Choi, Eun Young +82-43-261-2795 Social Welfare Policy
Shin, Nary +82-43-261-3229 Clinical Nutrition
Yoon, Sang Yong +82-43-261-2735 Social Policy for People with Disabilities
Park, Da Eun +82-43-261-2763 Child Development