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Dept. of Fashion Design Information

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The department, through various educational activities, aims to foster experts in the field of fashion who are apt at both theory and technique, and who can lead the Korean fashion industry into the future.

The curriculum offers courses on clothing environment, clothing materials, fashion design and fashion marketing in both theory and practice. Special lectures by industry experts, visits to fashion-related companies and internships make the program more practical. Annual student exhibits, participation in competitions nationwide (illustration, fashion brand merchandise planning, textile necktie competition and recycled fashion show etc.) have shown the competence of our students who are skilled in the practice of their chosen fields. Through a network with local fashion businesses, an infrastructure for fashion information and competitiveness in the job market are also secured.

4 Core Capabilities: ABLE

The department, with a goal to offer competence in both theory and practice in the field of design, merchandise design, production, sales and marketing, continues to strive for improvement in its curriculum to meet the 4 core capabilities of following.

  • Applicability: the ability to apply one’s expert knowledge based on a comprehensive understanding
  • Broad Neighbor-orientation: Fostering of experts that meet the needs of the globalized era and the local community
  • Leadership: Fostering of a mindset and quality befit for a leader in the fashion industry
  • Expertise: Expert knowledge and techniques to enter the field of fashion