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Dept. of Housing & Interior Design

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Educational Objectives

The department carries out the study and research that ultimately aims to create a favorable living environment from the user’s point of view. Understanding both theory and practice of housing, interior design, local environments, the needs of residents and the planning, design management of residential space all fall under the categories of this field. The department seeks to foster experts who are well versed in the discipline and who can contribute to an improvement of quality in the living environment.

In particular, based on the educational goals of Chungbuk University which is ‘Change’ and the educational goals of our College, which is ‘Ability’, the fostering of experts who are able to apply what they’ve learned and exert leadership in their field is one of the top priorities of the department.

  • Applicability
  • Broad neighbor-orientation
  • Leadership
  • Expertise

The department is the only one of its kind to be established in an university in the regions of Chungbuk, Chungnam or Daejeon and therefore boasts high competitiveness in providing the needed experts in the industry of housing and interior design. Every year a competition and fair is held and on-site practice courses allow a deeper understanding of the field for students.

Educational Contents

Courses offered include planning of housing and communities, indoor environment and environment-friendly living, remodeling and design of space, residential welfare and policy, as well as courses that specifically focus on research methodology, seminars, internships or the certification to become home economics teachers at middle or high schools.


업무 및 직원안내 목록
Name Phone Major
Kyoung-Ok Park +82-43-261-2743 Housing & Community Planning
Yoon Jung Choi +82-43-261-2714 Indoor Environment, Eco-Housing
Mi-Kyoung Kim +82-43-261-3616 Remodeling & Interior Design
Hyun-Jeong Lee +82-43-261-2740 Housing WelFare & Policy