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Dept. of Consumer Science

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Educational Objectives

Consumer science aims to improve efficiency of consumers’ lives and welfare of consumers by studying decision making about income acquisition, rational allocation, management, and use of resources and by seeking solutions to comsumer problems that arise in the process.

Educational Contents

The curriculum consists of personal finance, consumer behavior and trend, retailing for consumer, consumer education and counselling, consumer economics, and consumer information management, and students are trained to gain competence as consumer science majors through learning theories, practicing, and discussing.


업무 및 직원안내 목록
Name Phone Major
Lee Hee Sook +82-43-261-3148 Consumer Economics
Yoo Hyun Jung +82-43-261-2728 Consumer Behavior
Kim Min Jeung +82-43-261-2727 Personal Finance
Jun Sangmin +82-43-261-2747 Consumer Education