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Dept. of Pre-veterinary Medicine

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The department is a specialized course for the study of medicine to cater to mammals (cow, pig, horse, lamb, goat, rabbit), birds (chicken, duck, turkey), industrial animals used for experiments (mouse, rat, guinea pig, hamster, rabbit, dog and primates), pets (dog, cat, reptile, bird), fish and wild animals (mammal, amphibian, reptilian and birds), as well as insects.

Therefore the curriculum consists of basic courses on anatomy, histology, physiology, biochemistry, immunology, toxicology, pharmacology, embryology and biological engineering, preventive medicine courses on public hygiene (food hygiene, environmental hygiene), virology, bacteriology, epidemiology (bacterial and viral), parasitology, pathology, avian diseases, as well as clinical courses on internal medicine, surgery, gynecology, diagnosis, radiology, pathology of marine animals and dermatology in the field of veterinary medicine. Courses on related law on regulations that affect veterinary doctors, thesis preparation and medical practice are also taken in stages to produce veterinary doctors with an in-depth expertise to meet the needs of their local communities.