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Dept. of Pharmacy

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Pharmacology is laid on the basis of physics, biology and chemistry but deals with vital phenomena and focuses on the study of physiologically active substances.

Therefore the purpose of pharmacological education is to foster experts who can create, produce, assess, supply pharmaceutical products, apply them to patients or in a clinical setting and who has honed their skills in theory and practice including in the field of public hygiene and health. By instilling social responsibility and ethics, the department aims to produce talent that will play a pivotal role in the field of biological science.

The curriculum helps learn academic theories and techniques for the prevention and treatment of diseases for those who wish to become scientists or experts in pharmacology. Courses cover the characteristics of pharmaceutical products, their action within the human body, assessment of efficacy, synthesis of drugs, drug therapy, clinical pharmacology, pharmacological information, public hygiene and oriental medicine. Labs specializing in pharmacognosy, biochemistry for pharmaceuticals, hygiene and clinical pharmacology are established and associated pharmacies, herbal medicine center, central equipment lab and animal experiment lab are also run.