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Dept. of Pre-medical Science

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The department is a course to help lay the groundwork for students who wish to pursue studies in medicine and is focused on gaining basic knowledge in natural sciences.

Liberal courses include Korean language and literature, and foreign languages, as well as general chemistry. Other courses may also be selected.

For core major course, survey and seminar on the world of medicine, physics, core biology, book-reading seminar, ethics, medical ethics, biological statistics, molecular cell biology, basics of medical research, understanding of medical devices and systems, survey of medical studies, psychology, organic chemistry and biochemistry. During the second year, a social volunteer course that allows students to visit organizations and help those suffering from mental or physical difficulties is also available. Students are encouraged to experience a wide range of hobbies and courses, travels, physical training and foreign language training, which are all likely to become hard to do once they start their medical studies in earnest. Counseling services are offered to encourage and help students throughout the course. One of the most important goals of the department is to establish an autonomous study habit for students and to expose them to a wide range of liberal arts. Students who complete this course can progress to medical school to study medicine in earnest.