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Dept. of Formative Arts

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Established in 1974, the department first started off as the department of art education and produced numerous artists and educators. With a re-organization in 1998, it became the department of art and focused on the creation of pure art work.

In 2012, the major of design became separated from the department of art (which had majors in oriental painting, western painting, sculpture and visual design) and changed its name to department of structural arts (oriental painting, western painting, sculpture) within the division of converged studies. As such, the educational goal has also changed towards more proactive acceptance of contemporary art and the fostering of expert artists who meet the demands of the era. The department aims to nurture artists equipped both with their unique approach as creative artists and with advanced technique. With a wide range of practice courses and liberal courses, individual students’ creativity is promoted, and by understanding the interconnectedness across structural arts overall, a broader way of thinking is promoted. Various structural experiments and research also help build critical thinking skills and creative ability.

In particular, each studio designed to meet the needs of each major allow students to establish their own artistic world and the department’s gallery frequently holds exhibits to show the progress students have made. Besides the regular curriculum, seminars, work shops and special lectures are offered to interact with contemporary artists, art critiques and art administrators, which help to understand recent trends in culture and arts. After graduation, our students can play an active role as full-time artists, art administrators, gallery managers, art critics, art educators or curators.