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Dept. of Informatics and Convergence

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Tel : +82-43-261-2785, FAX : +82-43-276-4031

Convergence science technology is the state-of-the-art science technology that creates new learning and technology through the convergence of various studies and technology and it is becoming an important flow of new civilization. In this department, a software based web-science technology, database engineering, language knowledge processing techniques, medical imaging techniques, computer network technology and convergence techniques of bioinformatics are taught. In addition, by educating the fundamental literacy of convergence technology that can be applied to various fields, a global talent who will lead the future of information-based convergence science technology is fostered. In the lower grades, an in-depth learning of fundamental information technology required for convergence such as programming, data structure, algorithm design and analysis, software engineering and object-oriented design, computer graphics and image processing, language processing, artificial intelligence and computer network which are computer software development technologies. In the upper grades, various studies and convergence technology is learned.