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Institute For Russian and Altaic Studies

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Institute for Russian and Altaic Studies

Purpose of Establishment

The Institute for Russian and Altaic Studies (IRAS) was established in June 2003 to perform professional and comprehensible studies on the entire areas such as language, culture, literature, institution, history, economy, politics, and etc. of the Altaic regions which are widely distributed over parts of Russia, China, Mongolia and Central Asia, and to contribute to the promotion of relationship with these regions by carrying out related academic activities, education, business interchange, and etc.

IRAS provides institutes, academic societies and corporations with results of academic studies and information related to those regions, performs jointly diverse businesses related to the regions, and provides consulting and advising services, so that IRAS tries to play a role in deed as well as in name as a center of foundation studies of humanities and practical supports regarding the Altaic regions.

Major Activities

Having Division of Study, Division of Business and Division of Publication, IRAS performs such activities as studies of language and literature, foundation studies of humanities, studies of social infrastructure, studies of school system, joint academic research and academic conferences, construction of community information system and service, publication of yearly academic journals, diverse academic activities, and etc.