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Institute of Humanities

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Institute of Humanities

Purpose of Establishment

The Institute of Humanities was established to carry out diverse studies on the fields of Humanities such as language, literature, history, philosophy, religion, aesthetics, art, archaeology, anthropology, and etc., and to perform holistic understanding of the national and international trends of humanities. In addition, the Institute promotes to cooperate with other research institutes and to support the researchers of humanities in and outside the campus in order to play an important role towards the advancement of the community culture as well as the global and local culture.

Major Activities

The Institute of Humanities, one of the affiliated institutes of the Research Center for Humanities, was established to study on and to support the studies concentratedly on the diverse fields such as literature, language, philosophy, history, archeology, aesthetics, and etc. The Institute performs the holistic understanding of the research tendencies of humanities at home and abroad and introduces them to academic world as well as general communities in order to facilitate the research on humanities. Besides, the Institute supports studies of individual researcher through the cooperation with other related institutions, and promotes the education of next generation for the sake of research on Humanities. Discovering, introducing, passing-down and developing of the folk culture, the Institute takes part in developing the national culture. And the institute not only helps the results of national and international research on humanities to be introduced and applied to academic world, but also enables the results of our research to be spread out to the national and international academic world. Furthermore, the institute invites experts and holds academic lectures and professional academic conferences, as well as carries out services for external academic activities. The institute publishes ‘The Journal of Humanities’ twice per year, and organizes international academic conferences related to study of humanities more than once per year. The institute publishes books related to the studies of humanities, and carries out research activities of the local culture frequently to present its results.