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Institute for Jungwon Culture

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Institute for Jungwon Culture

Purpose of Establishment

The Institute for Jungwon Culture was established to research professionally on the history and the Jungwon Culture around the Chungbuk regions to contribute to the vitalization of the local culture, the successional development of the national culture and the creational development of new national culture.

Major Activities

  • Having such affiliated institutes as ‘Division of Prehistoric Studies’, ‘Division of Research on History and Archaeology, and Art History,’ ‘Division of Research on Local Culture’ and ‘Division of Excavation of Remains’ in order to carry our various research activities
  • Publishing ‘Studies of Jungwon Culture’
  • Holding and supporting academic conferences and seminars related to the Jungwon Culture
  • Coordinating ‘Visiting Historical Culture Sites in Chungbuk Regions’ targeting students of Chungbuk National University.