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National Crisis and Emergency Management Research Institute

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National Crisis and Emergency Management Research Institute

Purpose of Establishment

The National Crisis & Emergency Management Research Institute (NCEMRI) was established to promote the development of the field of national crisis and emergency management. The Institute utilizes the network and cooperation with governmental institutions, local governments, research institutions and NGOs in order to carry out the researches for the sake of academic development and to educate professional experts of national crisis and emergency management. Besides, the institute performs consulting for crisis management, publishing periodical publications and professional books, providing diverse research services, and etc.

Purpose of Establishment

Major Research Fields

  • Researching on conventional security crisis
  • Researching on national living safety crisis
  • Researching on disaster crisis(natural and human disasters) and National critical infrastructure crisis
  • Researching on national conflict crisis
  • Researching on other emerging crises

Research Papers

  • Study on Efficient Operation & Enforcement Plan of National Crisis Management System Built up by the Participatory Government (The Presidential Secretariat)
  • Study on Plan Provision for Efficient Distribution of Relief Fund (Korea Disaster Relief)
  • Strategic Development and the Operation Plan of National Living Safety Management (The Ministry of Government Administration and Home Affairs)
  • Problems and Improvement Plan of Administration of Disaster Management Service Approached from the Perspective of Consumers (The Hope Institute)

Publishing Professional Academic Journals

  • Publishing the first issue of National Crisis Management Research (December 31st, 2007)

Holding Academic Seminar and Proceedings

  • The 1st Academic Seminar (Nov 10th, 2006) – Plan of Buildup of National Crisis Management System Appropriate to Future Comprehensive Security Environment
  • The 2nd Academic Seminar (Feb 8th, 2007) – Decision Making and Information of Crisis Management
  • The 3rd Academic Seminar (Mar 30th, 2007) – Protection of Critical Infrastructure and Counterterror Policy in National Crisis Management
  • The 4th Academic Seminar (June 14th, 2007) –Academic Seminar related to Result and Development Direction of National Crisis Management System
  • The 5th Academic Seminar (July 20th, 2007) – Problems and Its Improvement Plan of National Crisis Management System and the Disaster Scene of the Participatory Government
  • The 6th Academic Seminar (July 31st, 2007) – Research on Consumer-Oriented Approach to Disaster Management and Recognition about Safety Management
  • The 7th Academic Seminar (Oct 25th, 2007) – Strategy Development and Operation Plan of National Living Safety Management
  • The 8th Academic Seminar (Nov 1st, 2007) – National Crisis Management of Our Generation: Evaluation and Leap-up
  • The 9th (International) Academic Seminar (From Nov 8th till 10th, 2007) - Global Disaster Relief Governance and Disaster Management Cooperative System for the Civil Protection
  • The 10th Academic Seminar (Dec 24th, 2007) – Seminar for Damage Control of Oil Spill at Taean Peninsula and Community Future Development
  • The 11th Academic Seminar (Feb 13th, 2008) –Seeking for Future Development of Damaged Area of Oil Spill and Improvement of Life Quality of the Residents
  • The 12th Academic Seminar (Feb 25th, 2008) – Academic Seminar for Research Methodology of Crisis Management
  • The 13th Academic Seminar (Feb 26th, 2008) – Academic Conference for Plan of Crisis Management of Cultural Assets and National Major Assets
  • The 14th Academic Seminar (Mar 21st, 2008) – Korea-Japan Academic Seminar for Cooperation of Crisis Management